Volcano climbing

Gunung Batur is 1,717 meters high. The crater of this volcano has collapsed and has a diameter of less than 11 km. You can climb this volcano and we recommended it by sunrise. The trip to the crater is not very difficult but it requires a certain physical condition. The trip takes about 3-4 hours. When you reach the top around 6:00 am, you are at the edge of the volcano. At the foot of the volcano you can find the Danau Batur, a deep blue crater lake.

Mount Batur is located next to the Gunung Agung, the highest and most holy mountain / volcano of Bali. The mountain is 3,142 meters high and you can see Gunung Agung from almost any point in Bali and its surrounding islands. Climbs are very popular but also very heavy. A guide is recommended as the tour takes 6 – 7 hours. There are also opportunities to walk this beautiful mountain / volcano with a guide. If you have passed al the effort you will see that the climb has been worth all the effort. The view is spectacular!

Down the Agung is the main temple of Bali, Pura Besakih.